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This mask is not a medical device and is not designed to prevent, treat, The KN95 particulate respirator dust mask has no odor to make you smell bad, you can

Face masks are now recommended for all, but how much do they

Apr 21, 2020 No one wants to get sick. During pandemics—or even just normal flu season—that desire to avoid the ill and inferm shoots up, Buy disposable masks, not cloth ones—the warm, moist environment near your mouth makes it

Doctors Say Hospitals Are Stopping Them From Wearing Masks : NPR

Apr 2, 2020 Neilly Buckalew is a traveling doctor who fills in at hospitals when there's need. Can The U.S. Crowdsource Its Way Out Of A Mask Shortage? No, But It "I'm raising a huge big stink because it's wrong. 'I'm not getting adequate PPE at my job, so I was able to buy PPE and I'm using what I buy,'" said Dr.

Counterfeit N95 masks are leaking into the supply chain - CNN

Apr 1, 2020 "We have a policy of having our clinicians test a small sample of medical equipment like masks before we give it to our staff," said Jessica Griffin

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Oct 29, 2019 A. N95 respirators are not effective against the smell of smoke or Q: What is the difference between an N95 respirator and a dust or surgical mask? A. Store N95 respirators in a clean environment to protect them from

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